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9 Nail Shapes to Change Your Manicure

    9 Nail Shapes to Change Your Manicure

    Millennials and Gen Z’s current fashion statement is manicured sculpted nails. From Margot Robbie’s natural, streamlined shapes to Cardi B’s crazy, often insanely eccentric shapes, we are witnessing it all. Everyone is now lining up at nail salons to get their manicure fix, as the fad swiftly gained popularity. What is it about getting your nails done that is so exciting? We believe it is the variety of nail forms, colours, nail art, embellishments, and occasionally even pierced jewellery. And while we could go on and on about all the trendiest new methods to style your nails, this list focuses on one fundamental aspect: nail shapes.

    As seen in the table above, different types of nail forms can be grouped into these nine categories. While it is always possible to improve upon an established concept, these broad categories can help you initiate a discussion with your manicurist. And if you like to do your own nails, it will help you differentiate between styles and explain how to select the best shape.

    1. Round nails

    Image courtesy: @gelpolish_bar

    Those who bite their nails, rejoice! Round shapes are ideal for short nails since they are low-maintenance, simple, and stylish. If you feel your fingers are too short or ‘chubby,’ you will appreciate round nails. This is due to the fact that they can stretch your nail bed and make it appear wider and slimmer. Round shapes are also recommended for those who are starting from scratch and want to grow healthy, strong natural nails.

    2. Square nails

    Image courtesy: @1emski

    Square-shaped nails are a step up from round ones. This form is characterised by a top that has been flattened and straight sides. They are not as popular as the other entries on our list, as the shape risks making your fingers appear stubby. However, if your nails and nail beds are naturally thin and short, this design will work for you. The strong design also extends the life of your manicure, since they are less likely to break or chip when fashioned in this manner. Discover here the various nail forms that are more susceptible to fracture.

    3. Rounded square nails

    Image courtesy: @laurens.beautybox

    If you find square-shaped nails too severe or serious,’ you may like the rounder variant. After filing a square form, your manicurist will round off the edges to give it a softer, more appealing appearance. Additionally, square rounded nails are a terrific method to sport neutral, bare, and brief manicures.

    4. Oval nails

    Image courtesy: @nagelstudiorednails

    Among the several nail shapes that Kylie Jenner favours for her Instagram-worthy manicure, oval nails look fantastic on longer lengths. Moreover, they are thinner and more feminine than round and square ones. Since the tip is soft and blunt, these gloves might make your hands appear longer. Oval forms complement broad nail beds and are a popular choice for displaying nail art. Check out the current manicure trend for oval nails at orbit nails.

    5. Squoval nails

    Image courtesy: @nailstrendymagazine

    As the name implies, squoval nails combine the shapes of square and oval nails. It blends the fashionable length of oval nails with the curved edges of square designs, but with a softer overall appearance. This design, often known as the soft square, is both easy to maintain and generally pleasing.

    6. Ballerina (Coffin) nails

    Image courtesy: @dk_jo

    The ballerina shape can be achieved with both long, robust natural nails and artificial acrylic ones. The shape, sometimes known as coffin nails, resembles stiletto nails but has a more accessible, squared-off tip. The term is derived from either ballerina slippers or the slightly more gothic concept of resembling a coffin. Among the several types of shaped nails, this is the one to choose if you enjoy maintaining long nails and want an eye-catching design.

    7. Almond nails

    Image courtesy: @nailbyhaylie

    Almond-shaped nails are a prettier, shorter form of oval nails that are narrower and finish in a rounded point. Similar to oval nails, almond-shaped tips likewise elongate and slim down the hands. To achieve this shape, you must file slim sides, have a naturally wide base, and taper the tip, almost like an almond. This design is suitable for medium to long nails and has an overall slender appearance. As cute as the design is, it can weaken your natural nails, so exercise caution. Enhance the strength of your nails with gel paint or acrylics.

    8. Stiletto nails

    Image courtesy: @kasianails2020

    Stiletto nails are one of the most dramatic manicure forms based on the character, so we are officially in the OTT portion of the list. Stilettos are formed by elongating almond forms into a pointier, more pronounced tip. Natural nails will never be able to keep such a form, thus this is a fantastic alternative if you want enhancements or acrylics that adhere to the nail.

    Similar to a stiletto heel, this statement style is extremely long and tapers to a point. While they are definitely ferocious, they are less resilient than other nail forms on this list. Handling them carelessly can result in breakage and damage to your natural nails.

    9. Lipstick nails

    Image courtesy: @daniedoesnails

    With an extremely limited and devoted fan following, the lipstick nail shape’s success demonstrates that even the most unusual nail shapes can find an audience among nail aficionados. Extremely difficult to achieve and preserve, lipstick shapes can be used as adhesive acrylics for a special occasions. Because let’s face it, you won’t be able to accomplish anything with your hands sporting that nail form!

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