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Before Getting Acrylic Nails, Know These 7 Things

    Before Getting Acrylic Nails, Know These 7 Things

    If you aren’t already on the long-nail bandwagon, chances are you’ve given some thought to doing so. It seems that the trend in manicures right now is colorful and imaginative acrylic nails, and if you aren’t already on the bandwagon, you’ve probably thought about doing so. In particular, celebrities are obsessed with working the formidable claws, but the cool girls you know in real life have undoubtedly also experimented with them at some point. However, before you get acrylic nails done, there are seven things you need to be aware of first. If you are thinking about getting them done, continue reading.

    When you see a particularly exciting set of nail art on your best friend or in your Instagram feed, the thought of going immediately to your nail salon can cross your mind. Kylie Jenner routinely demonstrates to her 40 million followers her daring styles, and we’ve also seen them on Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga, and even Adele. Even more dramatic? “Stiletto nails,” sometimes known as pointed acrylics, are sometimes used. Even if there is a greater chance that you will hurt yourself accidentally by using them (in fact, it’s really likely for a clumsy person like myself), man, they just look so awesome.

    The days of the gaudy acrylics that were popular in the ’90s are long gone, and the trend’s modern resurrection is everything but. However, if you are thinking about acrylics, there are a few things that you should take into consideration first. Before you dive in headfirst, here is what you absolutely must understand:

    1. They Might Be Uncomfortable At First

    There are occasions when suffering actually results in beauty. According to famous manicurist Bethany Newell, “When having a set put on for the first time, probably likely feel a touch ‘tight,'” If they continue to irritate you for more than a day or two, she suggests that you return to your salon and ask them to try a tension-relieving approach. She notes that your manicurist may propose cutting the length shorter or altering the tip size in order to help relieve the tension. You have the option of requesting that they be deleted if you find that they are very annoying.

    Before Getting Acrylic Nails, Know These 7 Things

    2. They Require Consistent Maintenance

    Acrylic nails are not a type of manicure that can be completed in one sitting — nails develop naturally, therefore maintaining them requires some effort. It is important to get fills every other week, according to Newell, not just to maintain the nail’s appearance but also to ensure that it remains healthy. Newell recommends this. She issues the following warning: “Sometimes moisture can sneak under the acrylic, which might create fungus.” If that were the case, the acrylic would need to be removed and then restored to your nails. “The fungus can be polished away and treated in minor situations,” she explains, “but in other cases, the prescription would be to leave the nails acrylic-free for a while to allow the nail to heal.”

    In addition, if you wait too long, they can snap off, which would be painful. Be aware of the potential risks involved if you choose to follow the common recommendation of waiting three to four weeks between fills.

    3. The Price Can Add Up

    Because you need to have them filled every few weeks, you need to be sure that you have enough room in your budget to keep up with the costs. “a new set can be in the range of $100 or more, and fills somewhere in the $50 or $60 area,” says Newell. This price might vary depending on what you’re having done, where you live, and what salon you go to for the service. It is possible that it will cost less, but you should get everything ready ahead of time and conduct some research before scheduling an appointment. If you want to treat yourself to regular manicures, there’s nothing wrong with splurging on them; nevertheless, you should be sure that you can afford to do so if you intend to continue this practice for an extended period of time.

    4. Neglecting Them Can Lead To Nail Damage

    If you don’t keep up with regular manicures, you run the risk of causing more long-term damage to your nail beds, in addition to the nasty fungal infection. According to Newell, “many times between fills, clients may start to ‘pick at’ the lifting acrylic, which can cause damage to the nail.” [Clients] “picking at” the lifting acrylic can cause damage to the nail. Make sure that whoever removes your acrylics is knowledgeable in order to prevent any damage from occurring. Damage to your nails may typically be avoided if they are removed correctly and you take extra precautions to maintain their health following the procedure. She advises that “after they have been removed, it becomes necessary to make sure that they are maintained short for a while and making sure to use moisturizing oils to keep them healthy.” “Once they have been removed, it becomes vital to make sure that they are kept short for a while,” she says.

    Before Getting Acrylic Nails, Know These 7 Things

    5. They’re Not A Long-Term Commitment

    Getting acrylic nails does not mean that you are obligated to keep them on for an extended period of time. “Some people like to put on acrylics for a special occasion and then remove them after a short period,” explains Newell. “Others prefer to leave them on for the duration of the event.” Again, there is no cause for concern as long as a nail specialist is responsible for both the application and removal of the extensions. You are more than welcome to try them out for a short period of time to determine whether or not you enjoy using them.

    6. They Make A Few Unexpected Things Challenging

    They Do A Few Things That Are Unanticipated. Acrylic nails are a lot of fun, but they can make some things more challenging than they need to be. This is especially true for things that shouldn’t be that hard. It’s a struggle to pick up coins, it can be unsafe to deal with your contacts, auto-correct has to cope with a lot of errors, and finger food?

    7. There Are Endless Shape And Color Options

    Acrylic nails are undeniably enjoyable, fashionable, and on-trend, despite the fact that you should give some consideration to a few factors before settling on this option for your next session at the nail salon. You are able to accomplish practically anything with acrylics that you are able to do with your natural nails, and even more, depending on whether you want to use gel polish or ordinary polish, long and pointed tips, or rounded and elegant tips. You can draw inspiration from your favorite celebrity, or you can choose to go with something plain and straightforward. The choices are virtually limitless; all you need to do is remember to post a picture to Instagram when you’ve completed them.

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